Wednesday, December 7

10E2578: Huckberry Coal Hard Cash & more

This holiday season everyone who orders from Huckberry is a winner. With every order comes Coal Hard Cash (see what they did there), redeemable for anywhere between $5 and $500 in Huckberry credit, or the prize of a lifetime: a Huckberry Golden Ticket.

One Golden Ticket will be awarded each week, and the prize changes every Tuesday, so be sure to check each week to see the next big reveal (Round the world travel, check. Sailing adventure, check.)

If new to Huckberry go through here and save $10 immediately.
If an old-timer get 15% off the site with promo GIFT15. You're welcome.

Tuesday, December 6

10E2577: SmartWool 'Slopestyle' Socks

OTC (over the calf), cushioned foot and leg for sports impacts [shredding - ed], knit in USA, $25.

By Smartwool. Also available from the home of all good things, LLBEAN.

Sidenote - have you seen this graph, the changing ratio of excitement of socks as a Christmas present over time? Good stuff...

Tuesday, November 22

10E2576: Things I Didn't Win On eBay | Warm Pants

Cold weather is round the corner. I have an older paint-splattered pair already but missed out on these crisp 'black tie' winter Carhartt's... 

Wednesday, November 16

10E2575: Montana Mittens | Piper and Paisley

Saw this note from a friend, 'gloves' 'wool blanket' - and we are away.

Montana 'lodge' Mittens (mittens made in Montana...) from a homesteader selling as Piper and Paisley.

Made of chunky blanket pattern wool (Pendelton in the case above), deerskin leather, and micro fleece lining. Not your ordinary clumsy mittens. They are designed with a slim fit, and a set-in thumb for high range of motion. Full interior interfacing, double-stitched thumbs, neoprene thumb wipe, side-release clip, and elastic cuff.  Made in Montana, USA $75-85  Shop here.

Sunday, November 13

10E2574: Friends of Acton Libraries pizza night at Anthony's Coal Fired in Littleton MA

Any Boston readers around Rt495 - tomorrow having an event at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza in Littleton, MA [weei talking to you - ed], mention Friends of the Library and 20% of your bill will go to library services. Yell this at your server.

There has been some talk recently about the importance of an educated electorate. Establishing and securing library services for ALL is a huge part of that. The main thrust of Andrew Carnegie one might argue.   BTW at the Littleton, MA event tomorrow a special Thoreau related event in December will be announced...

Thursday, November 10

10E2573: Ursa Major | Morning Mojo Giveaway

After Tuesday I needed a Silkwood shower... but I'll take this.

Our VT pals Ursa Major have an improved way to get clean, the Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Get energized while exfoliating, soothing and hydrating your skin. Invigorating aroma, creamy lather and gritty texture. Do you like the end of the dentist visit when they 'polish' your teeth with that gritty paste? I freekin love it. oatmeal soaps are fine - but if you want true grit [stop - ed.] you need volcanic rock - and this has it.

Available on and at specialty retailers nationwide; $14.

Peppermint: Honey: Grapefruit: Coconut: Volcanic Rock: Shea:

Giveaway: 10e readers - YOU TOO can get your mojo back. Visit and email me or tweet/RT at me and cc @ursamajorvt your favorite ingredient. Winner will be drawn at 5pm ET. Congrats to Katheryn.

Made with passion, purpose and pride in Vermont. This product is 100% naturally derived and made with certified sustainable palm oil (RSPO). NEVER ANY petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, glycols, silicones or PEGs.